Helical Pile Installation for Street Lighting

Dramatically reduce street lighting installation time by eliminating the time required for traditional concrete bases to cure.

Dart Services Ltd. - Helical Pile - Street Light
Dart Services Ltd. - Helical Pile - Street Light

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Why use Helical Piles?

Dart Services Ltd. - Why Helical Pile - Street Light
  • No waiting for concrete to cure
  • Less equipment required on job site
  • No cleanup and removal of excavated material
  • Reduced installation time

Helical Pile Advantages


  • Less equipment required to install helical piles
  • Installation professionals ensure rapid installation times
  • Averages of 10 minutes per pile installation times
  • Installations begin same day as craw arrives on site
  • Loads can be applied to piles immediately after Installation


  • No excess spoils gives helical piles an economical advantage over conventional piling methods
  • Much faster setup and installation times reduce overall installation costs
  • Reduced crew size and equipment needed reduce costs

Environmental Advantages

  • Minimal ground and noise disturbance
  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • Helical piles can be removed and reused
  • No pre-excavation needed and no disposal of drill cuttings required


  • Helical piles perform well in a variety of soil and environmental conditions
  • Can be installed in remote areas with limited access
  • High ground water does not affect pile performance
  • Can be used fer lighting installations along streets, highways, parking lots, sports facilities, recreation areas, boardwalks, and more


  • Easy and safer to handle than pre-cast concrete
  • Less equipment required to install resulting in a safer working environment along roadsides and construction sites
Dart Services Ltd. - Helical Pile - Street Light - Advantages